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The Ultimate Hygge-holic Gift Guide


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Oh, how I love the holidays! Ever since Halloween ended, I can’t help daydreaming about it. If I close my eyes I can almost smell the pine needles!

Aaaand I’m so in the mood for holiday shopping.

This year, I’ve decided to dedicate my entire Christmas shopping to hygge. Why you ask? Because I’m totally addicted to this Danish concept of mindfully indulging in everyday pleasures and creating room for coziness, comfort and togetherness in every aspect of life. And I want to share it with the whole world, but especially with my closest and loveliest people! Plus, tell me one person that will not love some worm and cozy for Christmas!

If you’re in for inspiration or out of patience when it comes to picking the perfect gift for you beloved hygge enthusiast, you’re in the right place. But beware, this is a gift guide for the experienced hygge loving fella/gal in your life, who stocked on fluffy socks, candles and cozy throws as soon as the temperatures dropped below 68°F so you wan’t find m/any of those here. You’re in for a delightful surprise, so pour yourself a cup of coffee (or tea….or cocoa….mmmm, yes, cocoa) and dive in my awesome ultimate gift guide that is so hygge you’ll feel like you’re in Denmark!

The Hygge Game

This Hygge boardgame will be an awesome gift for that one friend that’s into bard games (duh), but also for the whole family. It’s the perfect thing for laid back and unplugged evenings on the couch or around the dining room table. It has more than 300 entertaining, interesting and thoughtful questions designed to spark cozy conversations – if you’re lucky enough, you can crack it open right away and your party will hit the roof on the coziness scale 😉

The Mindfulness Journal

You know how mindfulness is one of the hygge cornerstones, right? If you didn’t…well, now you do 🙂 Being perfectly present, even in the coziest and happiest of moments, is a skill not so easily learned. If you have a friend, who’s on a (constant) journey of self development, this mindfulness journal will turn into an appreciated gift. It has 365 daily writing prompts divided into 52 weekly mindfulness topics which makes it great even for those not used to journaling as they will never get bored or run out of ideas of what to write.

Hygge Coloring Journal

Keeping up with the mindfulness theme, this combination between journaling, coloring and hygge will make a very special holiday gift, because it will help its receiver appreciate even more the joyful and cozy moments of the season, by making notes of them in the journaling sections of the book. However, if you’re not sure that’s up your person’s alley and you just wish to give him or her a nice and fun adult coloring book, than I suggest this one. It’s fun and playful and it’s not trying to teach you anything 😉

Hygge Quote Coffee Mug

This cute mug is a great hygge gift, especially for those of your friends that keep asking you “What was that thing you keep talking about, the cozy something” or “What does your blog name mean?” 😉 They are all getting this mug for Christmas (muua – ha -ha – ha). But it’s cute, right and it does tell the truth – hygge is not to be explained or translated, it is to be experienced!You can pair it with this Hygge coffee. It is one of those coffee blands that are capable of taking you places with every sip. Hygge Coffee is direct trade and each batch is hand roasted, hand wax sealed, and hand packaged – if that’s not a special gift, especially for your coffee loving friends, I don’t know what is! Plus it is freakin’ delicious!

Less Stress More Hygge Pillow Case

Keeping up to the cozy home vibe, this pillow case will also make a great gift. It is cute, minimalist and totally Scandinavian by design e.g. very stylish. Plus, it’s a nice reminder to unwind, relax on the couch and leave all the stress behind. I know quite a few people that are in desperate need of such a reminder.

Hygge Hammock

Yes, winter is a perfectly acceptable time to give a hammock as a gift. Any time is right to give a hammock as a gift. Plus, this one is gorgeous, 100% natural cotton and handmade. It is double sized, so it’s perfect for cuddling, and it will look stunning indoors or out on the patio during the warmer seasons. And here’s another reason you should definitely consider buying this hammock as part of your holiday gifts – Hygge Hammocks contribute 10 cents to the Autistic Society with each hammock sold, so you’ll not only be buying an amazing gift for your loved ones, you will also be adding another good deed to your score.

Geometric Copper Cage String Lights

It wouldn’t be Christmas without fairy lights, would it? But these are not your regular string lights, no sir! The tiny led bulbs are nestled in beautiful copper/ rose gold geometric cages which make them look so classy and a perfect addition to your home décor all year round. They will definitely appeal to all your hygge loving minimalist friends or actually to anyone who is up for increasing the cozy and romantic vibe of his/her living room…or kitchen…or bedroom….I even bet they would look gorgeous in the bathroom, but unfortunately, they’re not waterproof, so I wouldn’t risk it.

Hygge Prints Set

Another beautiful gift for the minimalists among your friends would be this set of 6 hygge prints. They can be arranged together to create a visual focal point it the room or used individually to pretty up different corners in your friend’s home. They are all beautiful and minimalist by design as well as pretty looking reminder to always think of ways to add more hygge to your day.

Hygge Cook Spatula Set

And now a gift for that person who will always have a special place in your heart! I’m talking about the one that cooks amazing! You know, the one that you are always thinking of excuses to stop by their place, cause you just know that no matter what they will put a plate with something unbelievably delicious in front of you. These people have hygge in their hearts and are the gods and goddesses of the kitchen. And I am absolutely sure they will appreciate this spatula set by Hygge Cook. These spatulas are not only practical and efficient, but they are also beautifully designed and packaged and they will be appreciated. You can pair the spatula set with this cute Hygge Cookbook  – a blank recipe book where your friend (or mom, or dad, or grandma) can store the all those finger licking recipes of theirs.

Mini Bluetooth Speaker

There’s nothing like music to get you in a good and cozy mood. And here’s where this cute acorn comes to play cause it’s actually a pretty loud high quality Bluetooth speaker! It is so tiny that you can hang it practically anywhere, even on your Christmas tree or on the rear view mirror in your car. Pair it with a Spotify gift card and you’re golden! I can’t imagine this gift not being appreciated cause it’s so simplistic and cute that it will be an equally great fit for your little niece, your aunt or your co-worker.

Luxurious Six-wick Candle in Ceramic Bowl

Well, there just can’t be a hygge gift guide with no candles in it! When it comes to coziness, any candle is better than no candles, but what I want to bring to your attention is not just any candle, it’s a work of art! I love all FlashPoint candles, because they are natural, handmade and unique, but the Saxon collection with its six wick candles is so grand, luxurious and cozy that I simply cannot get enough of it! Plus, after burning the candles you can use the gorgeous handmade pottery vessel for years! I guarantee that there’s no one that can hate a gift like that!

Blanket Fort: Growing Up Is Optional Book

The last one of my holiday gifts suggestions is a very special book – Blanket Fort: Growing Up Is Optional.It’s a direct bridge back to childhood and its unlimited powers of wild imagination. I don’t know about you, but I think there’s just no good reason why this great power should stay years behind our current life! So, why not build a blanket fort? After all, there’s nothing cozier than blanket forts and at the same time they are brimming with adventures and stories untold.

Tell me you’re not drooling over these amazing gift ideas! No, just me…than read the post once again, you probably missed the pictures! 😉 You may be noticed the significant lack of knitwear in this ultimate hygge-holic gift guide. That’s because I figured knitted socks, mittens and thick scarves are the first thing you though off when you started to look for hygge gift ideas and I wanted to spark your imagination and provide you with some equally amazing, coziness inducing options. BUT, in case you’re wandering what my warm and fuzzy recommendations would be, take a look at this Amazon items I handpicked just for you 🙂

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