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7 Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Hygge Makeover


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It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where real magic happens – apple pie and cookies, baked potatoes and roast…You know you’re home when you walk through the front door and all those delicious smells take you by the nose and lead you straight to the kitchen where your mom or grandma is stirring something yummy on the stove. You sit on a chair nearby and play the role of an esteemed taster while all your worries slip away, chased by the savory vapors.

I bet a lot of us have memories of this sort and now that we’re all grown up and have places of our own we want to recreate some of that magic. And Hygge is here to help with that. The Danes are experts in creating this cozy feeling that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. So here are a few simple suggestions you can easily implement in your kitchen to make it into the cozy sanctuary your home deserves.

1. A place for everything and everything in its place

Clear countertops and organized kitchen are essential for feeling hygge.

The essence of hygge is in simplicity, in not overdoing things but making them just right. This excludes clutter right away. Keeping your countertops well organized is the first step to creating an inviting and peaceful space that you’ll enjoy every day. I always feel a million times better when I declutter my kitchen – needless to say that I am just incapable of keeping everything tidy all the time, but a simple reorganization every now and then make a huuuge difference.

2. Copper and wood are the best hygge conductors

Add more copper and wood in your kitchen for a natural cozy vibe.

There’s just something about raw wood and copper that make you feel like you’re in nature and someone’s just about to hand you a steaming enamel mug of fragrant herbal tea. This combination is so typically hygge that you can’t go wrong with it. You can hang a few copper pans and pots on your backsplash, get a butcher’s block (I love this walnut butcher block!) for your countertop, or add a rustic wood shelf underneath your window. Ceramics are also great so a stand with a few cute ceramic mugs on the countertop or mounted on the wall like this one will also add to the overall cozy feeling of the room.

3. Show off your cook books

Books always make rooms feel cozier and the kitchen is no exception.

I love books – I love reading them, seeing them, smelling them and buying them. For me a room cannot be really hygge if there are no books in it. The kitchen is no exception and a small rustic wood shelf with your favorite cook books can make it feel more cozy. If you’re lucky to have your grandma’s old cookbook, where she has handwritten all the yummy recipes from your childhood you can make some special place for it and display it, so that it creates a bridge between the warmth of childhood and today. Another idea that I love is taking the page with your favorite recipe, putting it in a rustic reclaimed wood frame and hanging it on the wall. This will not only look pretty, but it can also inspire to cook this fave dish of yours more often 🙂

4. Create a comfy seating area

Comfy seating area in your kitchen will easily make it into a hygge sanctuary.

No matter if you use the kitchen just for cooking, or it’s also your usual dining space, a comfy seating area is a hygge must have. Just imagine yourself cooking some magic on the stove and your kids or partner, or a friend of yours sitting close by, watching you do your stuff and talking about this and that. It can be the key to having more quality family time or it can be just a nice place for you to sit down and enjoy your tea while dinner is cooking. But in order for this to happen you have to make it feel comfy and inviting – a few chair pads, or a corner booth seating can do the trick. You can also add some plants to make it livelier and you’re done.

5. There’s always room for candles

Candles are one of the hygge essentials so sprinkle some more of them in your kitchen.

Candles are pure hygge magic. No matter where you are, if you light a candle it immediately makes everything cozier. Adding a few tea light or pillar candles on the countertop or near the sitting area will definitely increase the hygge score of the kitchen, plus there are so many inexpensive option that you don’t need to think twice before trying this. But if you’re lookin for something extra special I wholeheartedly recommend choosing a multi-wick candle by FlashPointThey are soy blend hand-poured USA-made candles that are simply gorgeous and will not only create a cozy atmosphere but will be a definitive conversation starter. Another bonus is that they are poured into beautiful ceramic vessels that you can use for years after burning the candle. Whatever candle you end up choosing – there will be no more excuses for not having a candlelit dinner. After all, if you adopt the no-stress-no-fuss philosophy of hygge, every night can be date night.

6. No curtains for light or curtains in neutral tones for a soft vibe

Light and air make for cozy comfort.

Light is something that can make or break the atmosphere in any room. Having a light and airy kitchen will definitely increase the sense of comfort and happiness you get when you enter the room. Removing the curtains and letting the sun beams in is a super easy way to achieve that. If you’re not up to being that exposed, then you can try hanging curtains in the classic hygge colors – neutral light beige or soft grey tones. This can soften the atmosphere and make you feel much cozier in the room. It is a simple change you can make that will have a huge impact on the room.

7. Create a herbal garden

I left the best for last – a small indoor herbal garden. It has so many benefits that I don’t know what to begin with. It is easy to make – you just need a few mason jars, some pebbles, soil and seeds and that’s it. It looks awesome – nothing can beat the feeling that fresh green plants add to the room. It is practical – growing your own herbs will make you want to use them more – in your dishes or in cocktails – I’m talking fresh mint mojitos, ladies! 🙂 The herbs smell divine – of course, it depends on what you decide to plant, but I just love entering the kitchen and diving into the fresh meadowy smell of thyme. So in short – the herbal garden is something that you can easily make, doesn’t take much space and it will definitely make your kitchen feel more cozy, I promise! If you want some inspiration or you can’t wait to have that herbal garden in your kitchen, you can check out these Etsy listings with some of my favorite home herbal garden solutions.

  • Vertical herb garden by InStyleHomeStyle, which will be perfect for tight spaces.

  • Wood planter box with 3 clay pots featuring cute chalkboard labels by BaysideDesignsStudio – this is a great choice for your countertop herb garden

  • A modern and airy framed hanging planter by BuiltWithMyBareHands that will make you smile every time you look at it.

  • Cute and durable mini ceramic planter pot by Ceramitwoo that will look amazing on any wall

I hope you feel inspired to make your kitchen extra cozy and add even more hygge to your day. Let me know what you think about the suggestions above and do boast if you decide to try some of them 😉

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