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How to Always Have a Good Day

Have you ever woken up in the morning with “Oh, how I wish today would be a great day” ? Or even “Oh, I know I’ll have a crappy day today!”? Well, you’re not alone. There were days and days that even before I opened my eyes I felt the thumping in my head predicting “one of those days” – the ones when nothing seems to go right.

But one morning, after I’ve had a huge cup of coffee and finally started to see the world in color again, I began thinking (yeah, it takes some time to start my brain in the morning, don’t judge). How can I take the doubt and negative predictions out of the equation? How can I make sure I always have a good day?

You see, I’m one of those people, who believe that we hold the power over our own lives. I don’t go around thinking things just happen to me. I make things happen – both the good and the bad! So when I have a bad day, I don’t have the luxury of thinking it’s someone else’s fault. It makes bitchin’ about it a bit hard (unfortunately) but it is also a very comforting thought. It means that whenever I don’t feel good about something, I can turn it around.

So I’m puzzled why it took me so long to ask myself this question – how can I make sure that I don’t have bad days? Puzzled, completely puzzled!

The good thing is that once the question popped into my head, the answers did too (thanks so much, coffee, you’re the best!). If I want a good day, I have to build it, using the right building blocks.

So here are the building blocks of my perfect day. Chances are yours may vary, but most likely they will be a version of these, cause – sure, we’re all unique little snowflakes, but hey, we’re all still snowflakes 🙂

1. Set intentions for the day

Photo by Pexels from Pixabay

A few days ago I read an article by Chris Winfield where he shared that he starts his days by saying out loud “This will be the best day ever!”. And it’s like this idea got burned into my brain, I can’t get it out of my mind. I could see how this can be powerful and really make a difference in my day as it would help me focus on the things that would make it great. However, the sceptic that I tend to be, I couldn’t picture myself sounding authentic saying this to myself. So I decided to say it to my baby boy and set the intention for both of us. The mornings are the best part of my day anyway as that’s when I get to cuddle with my baby and soak in his cheerful mood. But since I started setting the intentions for the day with that simple sentence, I love my mornings even more.

2. Supply quality fuel to your body

Photo by RitaE from Pixabay

I am no longer at this stage of my life that I can feed my body cheetos and soda and it will still function properly. I don’t think it actually ever functioned properly on this diet, now it’s just more visible. Truth is what you eat affects not only your health but your mood as well. Here’s a helpful little article on the subject by the Mental Health First Aid.  Generally, a healthy diet of lots of fresh fruits and veggies, healthy fats and proteins and poor on processed and refined foods (bye, bye donuts) will most likely have a tremendous effect on your good mood. If you couple it with an adequate intake of water, there’ll be no stopping you from conquering the world with a smile. What’s an adequate amount of water you ask? According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (cited by the Mayo Clinic) it is between 15.5 cups for men and 11.5 cups for women. It may sound like a lot, but it does include the water you get from eating fruits and veggies, so don’t worry 🙂

I’m not the example of healthy eating, unfortunately, but I do try to be better at this. And thinking about how eating the right foods will make me feel more happy and energized definitely helps me to not reach for the chocolate bar I know my husband hid in the back of the cabinet 🙂

3. Pamper your brain with good coffee/tea

I looove coffee. I’ve loved it since my senior year in high school and I still often think of it as liquid happiness. It just makes my world brighter and my levels of patience high enough to not yell at people for the smallest thing. I don’t drink much of it, just one or two cups of really good coffee per day are enough. So making a nice Hygge espresso is an indispensable part of my morning routine. It literally gets me out of the foggy mess that is my brain and connects me to the world. So I don’t make compromises when choosing my coffee blend. Currenlty I enjoy this one and it does taste heavenly 🙂

4. Get the blood running

Photo by Yerson Retamal from Pixabay

When I think about exercising, a character in one of the Discworld novels by my beloved author Terry Pratchett always comes to mind – Victor Tugelbend. Early in his life, he figured that

“having to haul around extra poundage was far too much effort, so he saw to it that he never put it on and he kept himself in trim because doing things with decent muscles was far less effort than trying to achieve things with bags of flab.”

So true…wish I had come across it earlier in my life. But there’s always room for improvement. Now I have this quote written on a piece of paper and stuck on my fridge. So inevitably, every morning I remind myself, that if I want to get to that easy laid back life, I had to build some decent musles and get rid of my bags of flab 😉 Inspiration comes in different forms, guys 🙂 Joking on the side, you know how exercising regulaly can improve the quality of your life, and you know that all the reasons you find for not doing it are just excuses. So decided you’re gonna do it and just do it! Find what inspires you and act on it. You don’t need any more convincing.

5. Communicate and connect

Photo by StockSnap from Pixabay

I am an absolute introvert – I’m not really big on crowds, I don’t like loud places and one of my favorite things in the world is getting lost in a book. But I need need need communication and connection in my life as much as any other person. It makes me feel alive, more cheerful and motivated. Of course, it’s not any type of communication that I’m craving – it’s talking to my people that makes me fill up with good vibes – the people that are dear to me, that get me and with whom I can be absolutely authentic. When I decided to finally get intentional with my life I started having these awesomely positive talks with my husband over our morning coffee. Each day I would take a sip of coffee, let it awaken the colors around me (I swear, it’s just coffee) I shared how amazing my day will be with details and did my best to not let any doubt creep into my voice. Over the time he got used to it and stopped looking at me suspiciously like I had spiked my coffee 😉 and he also started setting positive intentions for his day. This little ritual helped us connect and noticeably improved our outlook on life.

So if could just do one meaningful thing in your day, connect to someone in a positive way – it will make a world of difference for you and will deffinitely improve your mood.

6. Be productive, be-e productive!

Photo by free stock photos from www.picjumbo.com from Pixabay

I bet we all have our inner procrastinators. I know I have mine and I can tell you, our relationship is unbreakable! 😉 But sometimes all she needs is a little cheering and she is more than willing to take a back seat and let me get things done. After all, I’m a wonderful cheerleader! I bet you can be your best cheerleader as well. You know which buttons to push to start your engine. And few things beat laying down in the evening with the feeling of accomplishment. Even if you just accomplished a 3-item to do list. I like to take a few minutes in the beginning of each working day to make my to do list and I choose 3-4 things that are the most important to me that day and that will bring me the greatest feeling of accomplishment if done. It is after I’m done with this that I check my e-mail. It’s all about setting the right intentions 🙂

7. Create!

Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a creative person or not. We are all meant to build things, to make things, to create – it is simply in our DNA. Just remember how when you were a kid you would spend hours playing with your constructor or play doh, or about those moments when the urge to draw was so powerful that everything seemed like a good canvas – walls, floors, cabinets, carpet 🙂 I can still feel the satisfaction of looking at the bright red drawing I made with my mom’s lipstic on the bedroom wall, ahh good times!

Seeing something that you made, that was conceived by your imagination and born from your hands is so powerful, no matter what the actual result looks like.

So give it a try, why don’t you. It can be everything- a drawing, a poem, a short story, a bird house, or an elaborate art installation illustrating your vision on today’s society – anything! Just take a little time and let your creative juices flow.

8. Grow better

Photo by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

You know that beautiful life you’re dreaming about, that one that feels so close, but yet still just out of reach? I bet you’ve said more than once “If I could just start doing (this or that) my life would be so much better”. I used to say this all the time, and I still do sometimes. But I realized that the only thing that’s holding me back from my dream life is…me 🙂 And that’s awesome! It means that I have the power to turn things around and head them in the right direction. So I make growing better part of each and every day and it feels so right. It feels like I’m taking control of my destiny and I am on the way of making my dreams come true. So please, grow better, don’t stand in your own way, move forward and wonderful day by wonderful day you will get to where you’ve always wanted to be.

9. Be grateful

And at the end of the day, close your eyes and count your blessings. Be thankful for the things you may take for granted – like your family, friends, your home, your job. But also take notice of the little things that put a smile on your face that day – the first sip of coffee, a great quote, a handsome looking guy on the subway 🙂 Expressing thankfulness and filling your heart with the sense of gratitude is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It turns your focus towards the things that are good in your life, that make you happy and that are meaningful. Getting into the habit of expressing gratitude is a powerful tool to have on your journey to happiness – it helps you stay grounded and content with what you have and it gives you the inner strenght to keep moving forward to bringing into your life even more things to be thankful for.

Having my happy day building blocks took a lot of stress and guess work out of my life and made it more meaningful, cozy and happy. I hope this will inspire you to take action, find what are your building blocks and know with an absolute certainty that you’ll have a great day – every day!



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