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11 Hygge Date Ideas for Fall Lovers

Isn’t fall the season of love? I’m sure it must be – it’s not to cold, not too warm, but just the perfect temperature to encourage some snuggling and spiked hot drinks sipping. Plus, the nights are getting longer and I think this must be Mother Nature telling us all to spend more time in bed, am I right (chuckles like a schoolgirl)? I don’t know about you, guys, but I really loooove fall. I’ve always been so impatient for the day when the summer heat steps back and makes room for the breezy fall with its cozy smells of fallen leaves, rain and pumpkin spice. It’s like I’m reborn and my lungs are filled with life for the first time. I love everything about it – the scarves, the tea, the colors… I have always considered September my New Year – everything starts out again, the summer vacation is over and it’s time to reconnect with your passion and do some good work with fresh powers.

But the fact that we’re not on the beach, drinking margaritas and watching the sunset, doesn’t mean we can’t create more warm memories and have our evenings filled with love, right?

So here are my eleven favorite date ideas that will infuse your fall evenings with hygge and strengthen your bond even more.

1. Stir up a fall cocktail

Alcoholic cocktail with fall flavors.

No beach margaritas doesn’t mean no cocktails right? Check out these fall alcohol cocktails for inspiration (my favorite so far is the Hot Apple Cider Mimosa) and stir up a fun evening. Or just crab a glass of cinnamony deliciousness, put on some chill music and dive into deep conversations on the couch – there’s always some interesting stories your partner have up his/her sleeve that are more enjoyably shared over a glass of something spiked 😉 Or if you’re in a more risky mood you can go crazy and design your own cocktails and than play a truth or dare when the dare is to drink whatever’s in the glass. That’s what I call bonding 😀

2. Have a walk through the park and watch the dance of the falling leaves

Enjoy the fall beauty of nature in your city.

It is so romantic strolling slowly through the park, hand in hand with your loved one, watching the colorful leaves cover the ground with a soft carper. There are just so many opportunities to snuggle with the colder winds making their way to our land. You can grab yourselves some pumpkin spice lattes to add some more warmth to your walk or you can even make them yourselves – I have the best recipe, that is not only sinfully delicious, but it’s also guilt free e.g. it doesn’t have your year’s sugar intake in one cup.

3. Have a fall themed movie night

Snuggle on the couch to watch a fall themed movie.

If you want to give your cozy mood some extra boost, why not try a fall movie date night. You can choose I romantic comedy like “You’ve got mail” or get ready for Halloween with some Hocus Pocus, or you can just pick a Harry Potter movie and get it all (huge Potterhead here). Whatever you choose, pair it up with a warm blanket, maybe some popcorn and a steamy glass of hot cinnamon milk (link to recipe) and you’re up for a hygge date night.

If you need some inspiration, check out Buzzfeed selection of fall movies here.

4. Cook together a fall soup

Try new soup recipes this fall.

Usually I don’t like anyone messing with my cooking process, but having some alone time with my hubby and cooking up something together just for the fun of it, not because there’s nothing else for dinner turned out to be super fun. In these evenings we like to try out some new recipes that are not part of our usual menu, so these fall we are going to get our hands on a few tasty looking fall flavored soups we found on www.thekitchn.com .We usually make a few adjustments to any recipe we try, so I’ll let you know how they turned up

5. Go to the woods and find some natural supplies for a new fall home decor

Gather some natural craft supplies and unleash your creativity.

Looking at the changing leaves outdoor always puts me in a sweet melancholic mood and makes me feel all cozy inside. That’s why I like to bring some fall inside my home every year. Going to the woods and picking some acorns, pine corns, colorful leaves and some wood bark is one of our favorite fall date ideas…technically we don’t do it at night, but it still gives us some alone time and makes for a nice break from our daily routines. Plus, crafting the actual decorations afterwards is an added bonus, at least for me, cause my husband’s not big on crafting himself, but he’s always supportive and gives the best ideas.

6. Take some creative fall photos

Take some fun and creative fall photos together.

You’ve heard about the golden light and how it’s the best for taking great portraits. Well, fall is just full of golden light and it will be a shame not to take advantage of it, right? For me, the best way of taking advantage of it is to have a fun fall photo shoot with my man! You can go absolutely crazy coming up with various ridiculous photo ideas – the crazier they are, the more fun you’re going to have taking them. And there’s just something about doing crazy fun things with your loved one – it brings you even closer together. It’s especially good when you’re in a long term relationship, and you’ve gotten a bit used to each other – crazing it up will make you feel like you’ve just started dating, but better!

You can check out my Pinterest board for some ideas to get inspired for your fun photo shoot.

7. Take a walk in the streets

A walk in the city streets is especially romantic in the fall.

I love the city during fall. The night comes sooner and the streets are still full of life when it gets dark. I love how the lights reflect from the wet sidewalks, how it smells of hot coffee and fallen leaves, how it feels just cold enough to snuggle on the arm of my husband, but not enough to actually want to go home and have a steaming hot shower. It’s just the perfect weather to go for a slow walk in the neighborhood or through the city center, watch the people and talk about anything and everything without hurrying up or checking out items from your to do lists.

8. Go on a day trip to a close by village

Visit a near by village together to get closer to the simple life.

And while fall in the city is magical, taking a day trip to some nearby village can be like stepping in the pages of a story book. I prefer mountain villages, cause they feel so cozy nestled between the hills, like the mountain is getting ready to tuck them under a warm colorful blanket of leaves.
The peace and quiet, the change of scenery and the chance to try some local fresh products are all the reasons I need to make this a must do date idea for this fall. Leaving the noise and flashy distractions of the city behind makes it much easier to reconnect to nature and to one another, so why not give it a shot.

9. Check out a fall festival

Check out a fall festival together- they have all the fall goodies in one place.

Another thing I love about fall are the festivals! Colorful, deliciously smelling and filled with people in festive mood – what a nice break from our daily routine. I especially love all the craft corners when you can pick something handmade to add some additional autumn mood to your home or even make something yourselves. It’s gonna be a fun night, believe me!

10. Start a thankfulness tree
 Making aThankfulness tree - a great craft to enjoy together.
The Thankful Tree: Thanksgiving DIY tutorial by www.berries.com

If you’re not in the mood for crowds or going outside, but you still want to have a special evening with your spouse than why not start a thankful tree? After all, fall is the season of giving thanks and a thankfulness tree can turn into a cherished tradition for the whole family. If you haven’t heard about thankful trees before here’s what they are: a tree you make with whatever you choose, on which you hang leaves (from whatever material you choose) with written things you are thankful for – simple, right 🙂 Giving thanks is proven to be one of the best ways to reach a higher level of happiness and personal peace and starting a thankfulness tree is an amazingly simple way to connect to your partner and fortify your bond by sharing all the things in your life and in each other that you’re grateful for.

11. Have a kiss and cuddle evening

Get back to the basics with a kiss and cuddle evening.

Open the window to let the cool musky fall air in, light up some candles, snuggle under a blanket on the couch or on the soft carpet and just kiss – no sex, just kiss and reconnect to those few days and weeks you had when you first started dating, when you felt you could spend all your life just kissing that wonderful person in your arms. If that’s not hygge, I don’t know what is!




Hope that this post got your romantic juices flowing (hm, this sounded dirtier than I thought it would) and you’re all ready to dive into the magic of this season and fall in love again. I would love it if you shared your favorite fall date ideas in the comments below – there’s always room for some more romance in our lives, isn’t there 🙂

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